Beaconsfield hosts thank you bbq dinners

Beaconsfield hosts thank you bbq dinners.

The bar is just on the corner of 10th and 9th streets from the train station. We take reservations on the door at 6:30 and 7:30 p.m. The event starts at 7 p.m.

You’ll notice a line of people waiting at the door. This is the only way to get in. In case you aren’t there in about 3 hours, we’ve got a little table set up right at the door. In two years I guarantee you will find that person, or at the very least your friend, there. You’ve come for the food!

BONUS TIPS: We have a $10 gift card for any customer who buys beer at the event. You just fill out your order form, give us your name and we’ll add you to the list. You get $10 off your first drink of your choice with any drink bought there and you can win your own free beer with that order. You can save any drink you want by using the ‘BONUS’ coupon that’s available on the front of the ticket. A little tip,마사지 닷컴 but I’ll give you that.

Here’s how to get toXO 카지노 the bar: Take the 9 Freeway, head west, and walk north on 10th. Go through the entrance on 5th Street. On the left side, walk left until you hit 10th and 1st and go north. On 10th, go left again on 6th St. and enter the bar on 10th. After you pass the bar, take the 9 Freeway back north onto 10th. Go north on 5th Street. Go west on the right and there’s a red light. You’re about 9 miles in. There’s a booth set up at this booth on 11th St. Follow that traffic light west, go down the hill and then you’re on the other side. It’s right there, right in 빅 카지노front of the event.

There’s not a lot of seating. We are in the rear of the bar, which gives us better position. I’d have a lot of fun sitting next to some of the bar regulars, but there’s plenty of seating in the main crowd. We’re sitting near where everyone was at the opening dinner a week ago, the very first bbq we had at B-Maze Brewing.

You can see the crowd walking past me at a nearby sign, this is a friendly group, and so we’re not really visible.

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