Fire crews and residents watch mount victoria blazes over a residential area of the San Jose Unified School District

Fire crews and residents watch mount victoria blazes over a residential area of the San Jose Unified School District. (Photo: Courtesy of San Jose Fire)Buy Photo

SAN JOSE — The San Jose Unified School District has made a $6 million donation tow카지노ard a new building to house one of its first responders.

As part of the district’s ongoing $40 million renovation efforts, the campus at the center of the San Jose blaze is expected to open to the public in 2017.

«I think what we’re doing is taking things we’re doing at the school and giving them to the community,» said Steve Jett, general superintendent of the San Jose Unified School District.

Jett said they’re hoping that the renovation will be a catalyst for schools and other local businesses to find a home for equipment that’s피망 포커 needed, like heat and water.

That’s the idea behind the $6 million donation, made in October to the Fire Service’s Building Services Group (BGS), and the $20 million project to rebuild the former San Jose Public Library in the San Jose Unified School District’s city-owned land.

«We’re working to find a place for it. There are a lot of possibilities,» Jett said.

The new building should add more than 400 new jobs, and provide new ways for employees and residents to benefit from a $6 million renovation.

Jett said a new fac울산출장안마ility could help other San Jose cities such as Santa Clara, Alameda and San Jose to expand their fire department.

Jett said the BGS is expected to provide other support.

The fire destroyed San Jose’s first city-owned building: the San Jose Public Library, the first federal-built community-run library in the country. The library lost about 600 books last year alone, and about 50 people remain unaccounted for as of late.

Jett said the fire showed how bad fires are and how much effort people need to do their part.

«The city (and school system) needs some extra funding for those fire department and other services that are currently not there,» he said.

The district now has more than 20 firefighters in every fire station and nearly 2,000 volunteers working with the schools and other community organizations.

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