Forum to offer public input into traffic flow woes in city’s downtown

Forum to offer public input into traffic flow woes in city’s downtown

The City of Edmonton is hosting a roundtable discussion today to discuss transportation issues facing Edmontonians and the city’s plan for traffic management in its downtown core, including road closures, vehicle parking restrictions and traffic-sensitive measures such as speed humps and green space.

The discussion will take place at 8 a.m. on the third floor of the Sheraton Edmonton Downtown hotel in the area where the Sheraton Edmonton is located. The roundtable event is open to the public.

An interview and video can be viewed on the city’s website. You can email question or comments to

Downtown community wants ‘zero traffic zones’

Some residents on Edmonton’s North End are calling for tighter regulations in the area around Edmonton’s Sheraton Hotel, saying it’s a place of public gathering and entertainment in one of the city’s busiest and most exclusive neighbourhoods.

«The Sheraton, its one of our most iconic landmark locations in the city and we’ve seen some pretty bad congestion in this area already, including some last ye카지노ar,» said Mike Cram, president of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

Cram said it’s not unusual for residents to complain about their access to the hotel, with an estimated 700 people per day making the trek there.

«It’s quite an area to actually be within a block of Sheraton as it’s about a half-mile wide,» Cram said. «So the idea of having traffic on a roadwayXO 카지노 to have it be off-ramps is quite dangerous on that very busy stretch as we’re talking about a city of 800,000 people. And a lot of it is not a direct link. It’s just a l골목ot of traffic.»

Cram said some of the other proposed changes in the corridor include changes to pedestrian infrastructure like bike lanes and some street art, but said some of his concerns are related to a recent collision between two cars near the city’s western boundary and an empty street next to the hotel.

The meeting will be held at 8 a.m. this morning on the third floor of the Sheraton downtown hotel.

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