Harvey to return to saints’ lives, not prison

Harvey to return to saints’ lives, not prison

by Steve Cawthon


«As the old saying goes, you cannot love your brother,» but Harvey Weinstein said that was the truth after his partner and «one of Hollywood’s most respected people» sent him an e-mail this week saying she was going to commit suicide. The e-mail, and a series of related press releases, had all been received by the Hollywood Reporter on Thursday, June 24, at noon EST. It contaXO 카지노ined an anonymous, dated message: «You are going to regret this.» The email was addressed to someone with the name of «Michae제주출장안마l Weinstein.» The name is still not known.

Weinstein said he wanted to return to a life «where the responsibility is mine.»

«When I go back to this house with my family, I will know that they never asked me for a role; I don’t want to live there anymore and that includes Harvey. I will tell him I’ve never been interested in anything for that long, and I will put it off. That’s my decision, to move forward,» he said.

He said he has a lawyer now who will handle his situation and that his legal team will try to protect him.

In the meantime, he plans to talk to lawyers, friends and family members to try and work through his pain and help heal him. He has also had some advice for the thousands of women who have recently come forward to accuse him of sexual abuse and assault.

«This is not a conversation you want to have,» he said, noting that he would hope that women’s survivors would not feel pressured into silence by their own abusers. «This is not a conversation that you want to have with your children, that’s for sure.»

A representative for Weinstein did not respond to a request for comment. It is the first time Weinstein has appeared publicly since writing that e-mail.

Weinstein, 65, came to Hollywood after more than 40 years in business. In 1981, he became chair보성출장샵 보성출장마사지man of Miramax. In the 1980s, he made his first movie, «Fight Club,» starring Tom Cruise. He went on to make dozens of big-budget films including «Shakespeare in Love,» «Good Will Hunting,» «Lolita,» «The Artist.»

He was fired from a Miramax production of «The Godfather» in 1990 after admitting to having a sexual relationship with writer George Lucas, and he produced films like «

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