Lawyers promised more support, and asked for more time to complete the investigation

Lawyers promised more support, and asked for more time to complete the investigation.

«We are disappointed in the manner in which the investigation was conducted in this case, and appreciate the opportunity to put the matter behind us and move on with our lives,» the company wrote in a statement posted on YouTube Wednesday afternoon.

«We take our role in protecting our customers extremely seriously and we will continue to work to resolve this matter as quickly as possible,» the company said.

The Justice Department has yet to formally announce whether it will file criminal charges or seek a civil case against Apple, Inc. In response to questions Wednesday, acting Deputy Attorney General James Cole told the Washington Post that the Justice Department is still reviewing the information provided to the FBI by Apple.

«You know I’m not going to speculate about what was done, and when it was done, but I will say that the information that we have been given… doesn’t include this kind of information. This is a different kind of information — that’s what we’re looking at,» he said.

In another Facebook po김천출장안마st late Wednesday, Apple said it has turned over details of a security breach to federal and state officials «in a spirit of cooperation and transparency.» Apple also posted details of one of its security practices as well as how it deals with the issue of data breach reports, including how it handles its customer ID and password and the type of information it processes 한게임 포커once a report is filed.

«We’ve committed to provide these to Congress on an ongoing basis and will keep you posted when we have a final decision on these issues,» it says in its post on the Justice Department’s website.

Apple said earlier this week that 샌즈 카지노«federal investigators» also conducted several interviews with employees in two of its facilities — in Cupertino and Maiden, N.H. — and that the interviews showed workers there admitted to using some of the software inside the iPhones and iPads seized during the investigation.

Founded in 2004, Apple is a software company that offers computer software and hardware products.

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