Prime minister scott morrison reaffirms border is safe to travel through #Jordan

Prime minister scott morrison reaffirms border is safe to tr바카라avel through #Jordan. #Jordan — The Telegraph (@TelegraphAus) December 8, 2016

«What I’m saying to you is that this is the kind of security that we should be proud of. It is a security situation that we should be proud of.

«But that is not going to get인터넷 카지노 solved simply by bringing in a few more troops or by being a bit more involved in fighting ISIS.»

Theresa May is in Paris on Thursday and will meet her French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, before returning to Britain.

Ahead of that meeting, the prime minister had said there was «no basis» for Britain to commit more troops to the Middle Eastern country unless security conditions were improved.

That comment has been criticised as unhelpful by her deputy foreign secretary, Boris Johnson.

A Downing Street source told The Independent last week that Britain could take some action to protect its troops deployed in Ira더나인 카지노q or Syria, although it would have to be limited to a decision-making process and be subject to a series of checks to ensure such action was not followed up on.

«If we decide, in particular, that we need to send more forces to Iraq to support Iraqi forces, then we could increase a certain amount, but this would take a while to make a decision,» a senior source said.

«If the need to deploy more troops in those situations arose again it would need to be reviewed.»

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