Property owner hoping for hendra all clear after plane crash near home

Property owner hoping for hendra all clear after plane crash near home

A member of the Canadian Armed Forces took part in the first ever human parachute rescue in Europe when he rescued someone trapped inside his armoured Challenger jet.

Two years after the crash, David Fergusson, 24, and his dog Daphne managed to free a woman from the plane. He was given a military commendation by the minister of def솔레어 카지노ence for his actions.

The rescue was made possible after Fergusson j바카라 스토리umped in the air when an air traffic control controller tried to warn the pilot to stop the plane from leaving the gate.

Fergusson told a news conference: «I had to leap out of the window just to be able to grab her legs and get her outside. When she got in there she couldn’t move her legs and started to pani로투스 홀짝c.»

Daphne was put in a special crate, attached to the top of the plane, for three months before it landed in a field near his hometown of Barrie.

After helping the woman, he went home and saw if he could get on with his lives. On his way home, he stopped to look for a telephone he thought might work in the back of the plane.

«A friend of mine had just bought a car, and we were going to get a couple of hundred euros on credit but he was going to drive around the countryside and call some women to ask them if they wanted to marry him,» he said.

Daphne and Fergusson got on in good order and stayed together for three years.

After a year they were reunited, and Fergusson had been promoted to lieutenant colonel.

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